True Craft

A free and open-source implementation of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3

TrueCraft Updates

Completed fluid dynamics Feb 11, 2015

After yesterday's work on fluid dynamics was able to produce a working simultion of Minecraft's water dynamics, today was spent refactoring and improving this code, and applying it to lava.

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Fluid dynamics (mostly) working Feb 10, 2015

With today's arduous coding efforts, fluid dynamics are mostly working and quite close to vanilla's implementation. Fluids in Minecraft is a form of celluar automaton that has a set of rules for how it propagates through the game world, and it's a huge pain in the ass to get right.

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Wheat farming and more Feb 09, 2015

Wheat farming was implemented yesterday, making it possible for players to grow their own wheat farm. Farmland saturation was also implemented, making TrueCraft better every day that goes by.

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Crafting Implemented Feb 08, 2015

TrueCraft now makes for a half decent survival mode server with today's addition of crafting support! Additional thanks goes out to cubrr, who helped to add some of vanilla's crafting recipes and made the server's stdout prettier, among other changes. Thanks dude!

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Terrain generation improvements Feb 03, 2015

New contributor Daniel "creatorfromhell" Vidmar has been working on a better terrain generator. He's built several unique biomes and support for decorators like the dungeon pictured above. On top of that, this terrain generator is deterministic, so the same seed produces the same world every time.

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