True Craft

A free and open-source implementation of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3

TrueCraft Updates

Initial pass on server-side lighting Jun 27, 2015

I've started building out support for block and sky light on TrueCraft servers. It may seem odd for the server to care about lighting, but it's necessary for things like determining where to spawn mobs or whether or not crops can grow. You can see in the screenshot here - the base of the tree is shaded by its leaves, a first for TrueCraft.

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Chat in-game, cactus, saplings Jun 23, 2015

More updates! mrpimpunicorn has done some work on text rendering in TrueCraft, and added an in-game chat interface. He has also laid the groundwork for cactus behavior on the server, ensuring the proper placement and support structure. I personally tidied up the chest implementation a bit and adding a sapling renderer.

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Chests, Gamocosm server hosting, nightlies Jun 22, 2015

Lots of exciting TrueCraft news today. First, chests work! You can store items for later use on your TrueCraft servers now. Speaking of your servers, I've added support for TrueCraft to Gamocosm, an open source Realms alternative. If you want a TC server to play on, you can get one here pretty easily.

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Texture packs, resolution control, refactoring Jun 18, 2015

Over the past week, mrpimpunicorn has been sending some kick-ass pull requests to TrueCraft, including texture pack support, improved text rendering, optimizations, and more.

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Screenshots, bug squashing, more rendering Jun 04, 2015

Press F2 on the client to take a screenshot! It'll end up in ~/.truecraft/screenshots/ or somewhere similar on other platforms. As you can tell, there's also support for rendering each variety of tree as well as ladders.

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