True Craft

A free and open-source implementation of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3

TrueCraft Updates

Mining implemented on client Sep 30, 2015

You can mine on the client now! The animation works and everything, using your texture pack's animation (the video is with the Mojang texture pack). The blocks you mine do actually drop items, but the client does not render the entities. The server will also determine that you should be picking up these items, so they are in your inventory (the inventory that you can't see... yet).

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Client physics fixed, jumping added Sep 20, 2015

The physics engine on the client has been replaced with the shared server/client physics engine (the one that has been receiving all the bug fixes recently) and with that, I added jumping and fixed some issues I did not find with the first pass on physics. This also means that you can't just run into a wall to warp on top of it, since now movement is implemented as changes in velocity that the physics engine handles for us.

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Fire! And cactus. And donations. Sep 07, 2015

Fire works! It also spreads like pre-1.6 fire, i.e. in a massively destructive fashion. Eventually we will have a toggle that lets you pick between your desired fire styles - horrifying, or post-1.6 tame. Also new - cactus growth and other behavior is now implemented. Thanks to stianthedark for adding this in his first pull request!

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Physics engine rewritten, now less buggy Jul 07, 2015

If you did play with mobs since they were implemented a few days ago, you probably noticed how janky they were. This was a result of the old physics engine from Craft.Net being carried forward into TrueCraft - but as of today, said physics engine has been thrown out and rewritten from scratch.

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Mobs! And initial pass on mob AI Jul 03, 2015

Mobs can now be spawned on TrueCraft servers, and a simple AI for wandering has been implemented. All beta 1.7.3 mobs are supported - try spawning one with /spawn creeper (or whatever mob you wish to try hanging out with).

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