True Craft

A free and open-source implementation of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3

Some features that are in-progress will give more details when hovered over.


Feature Progress
Beta 1.7.3 networking Complete
MCRegion worlds Complete
Tile entities Complete
Multiworld Not started
Player metadata Complete
Physics Complete
Item entities Complete
Falling blocks Complete
Players Complete
Mobs In progress
Minecarts Not started
Boats Not started
Peaceful In progress
Hostile Not started
Special Not started
Terrain generation Complete
Perlin base terrain Complete
Biomes Complete
Caves Complete
Decorators Complete
Window management
Inventory Complete
Crafting Complete
Furnaces Complete
Chests Complete
Dispensers Not started
Modding API Not started
Game logic
Farming In progress
Doors Complete
Unusual item drops Complete
Block updates Complete
Fluid simulation Complete
Portals Not started
Signs Complete
Trees In progress
TNT Not started
Redstone Not started
Bonemeal Not started
Fishing Not started
Fire Complete
Jukeboxes Not started
Beds In progress
Directional blocks Complete
Lighting Complete
Weather Not started
Combat Not started
Food Not started


Feature Progress
Launcher In progress
Beta 1.7.3 networking Complete
World decoding Complete
Chat In progress
Window management In progress
World interaction Complete
Combat Not started
Particles Not started
Weather Not started
Sound effects In progress
Music In progress
Movement and look Complete
Gamepad support Complete
Custom key bindings Not started
Rendering terrain
Basic support Complete
Blocks w/special textures In progress
Blocks w/special models In progress
Rendering entities
Players Not started
Item entities Not started
Falling blocks Not started
Mobs Not started
Minecarts Not started
Boats Not started

Auth Servers

Feature Progress
Website Complete
User registration Complete
Content Complete
Updates feed Complete
Authentication API Complete
Skins Not started
Capes Not started