True Craft

A free and open-source implementation of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3

Download TrueCraft

TrueCraft is not done. These downloads are unstable and experimental.

Running TrueCraft

Extract the archive and double-click TrueCraft.Launcher.exe.

TrueCraft depends on:

Extract the archive and double-click truecraft.

TrueCraft depends on:

  • mono (mono-complete on Debian/Ubuntu) 4.0+
  • GTK2 and GTK# (gtksharp on Debian/Ubuntu)
  • webkitgtk2 (webkitgtk on Debian/Ubuntu)
  • libSDLmixer (libsdl-mixer on Debian/Ubuntu)

You may have to set truecraft to be executable. You can usually do this by right clicking and editing its properties, or by running chmod +x truecraft from a terminal.

TrueCraft is not currently supported on OS X. If you are a developer and wish to change that, we'd love your pull request. It should be easy to port, we just need someone with access to OS X to do it.

Did you know? Since TrueCraft is compatible with Minecraft beta 1.7.3, you can use the TrueCraft client to connect to Minecraft beta 1.7.3 servers, or use the Minecraft beta 1.7.3 client to connect to TrueCraft servers. See this for more info.

Thanks to blha303 for hosting TrueCraft builds.