True Craft

A free and open-source implementation of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3

Performance & stability improvements

Published May 24, 2017

Spent the past couple of days working on server performance and stability improvements. In particular, common deadlocks have been fixed, chunk loading performance has been improved, and many tasks were adjusted to more intelligently use the thread pool and divide work between the main thread and thread pool (without breaking things).

Also fixed a number of small bugs like deterministic terrain generation issues and dungeon generation, and added some new features for tweaking what processes are running in the server (allowing you to, for example, disable fire spread or grass growth). Some of the major issues with the physics engine and mob pathfinding were sorted out yesterday.

I have some more performance issues to work through and bugs to sort out tomorrow. In the coming days and weeks, I hope to square away most of the important bugs in the server, and start on improving mob AI, combat, and more interesting stuff. A rewrite of the client rendering stack is also in the cards.

Big thanks to Aaron on Patreon, who's pledged $50/month asking for more work on TrueCraft. No problem, Aaron! Thanks!