True Craft

A free and open-source implementation of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3


The good old days of Minecraft, brought back in all their simplistic glory.

About TrueCraft

A completely clean-room implementation of Minecraft beta 1.7.3 (circa September 2011). No decompiled code has been used in the development of this software.

I miss the old days of Minecraft, when it was a simple game. It was nearly perfect. Most of what Mojang has added since beta 1.7.3 is fluff, life support for a game that was "done" years ago. This is my attempt to get back to the original spirit of Minecraft, before there were things like the End, or all-in-one redstone devices, or village gift shops. A simple sandbox where you can build and explore and fight with your friends. I miss that.

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Some of these screenshots are of the official Minecraft client connecting to a TrueCraft server, and some are of the TrueCraft client connecting to a TrueCraft server. You can tell the difference by the texture packs - the official assets are screenshots of the official Minecraft client.

Performance & stability improvements May 24, 2017

Spent the past couple of days working on server performance and stability improvements. In particular, common deadlocks have been fixed, chunk loading performance has been improved, and many tasks were adjusted to more intelligently use the thread pool and divide work between the main thread and thread pool (without breaking things).

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Patreon May 11, 2017

I've made a Patreon page to support my free software projects, including TrueCraft.

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Improvements to physics engine Jul 05, 2016

Today I hopped back into TrueCraft dev for a little while to deal with some issues concerning the physics engine. There were some cases where you could walk into corners and end up not triggering a collision, which would lead to the player being flung high up into the air once they were detected to be inside of a block on the next tick.

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Rendering the day/night cycle lighting in the client Apr 21, 2016

I didn't plan on working on TrueCraft today, but I got on to stream and one thing led to another. I have implemented the day/night cycle in the client, though it's still a little bit buggy. The sun and moon textures now included by default with TrueCraft are courtesey of the Isabella pack, which is CC-BY-SA, since our current texture pack didn't actually override the sun/moon textures from Minecraft.

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Improvements to client side lighting and performance Apr 07, 2016

Today I spent some time on Twitch streaming some TrueCraft work, and I finished up the lighting improvements started by mrpimpunicorn in the client. I fixed a few issues with things like snow, which you may have noticed had horribly broken lighting, and I fixed issues with the blocks that were lit incorrectly at chunk boundaries.

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